A Fresh Breath of Air

A Fresh Breath of Air

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A big, hearty and wholesome hello to you, our lovely customers and distributers. Whether you’re new to truthpaste or you have been on the journey with us, we're delighted to finally be unveiling our lovely new website. This year has seen some big changes within truthpaste HQ. Founder Marisa has been working hard to take truthpaste onto the next level. As a company, we felt it was high time that our website and product range was due for an overhaul. We hope that you are excited as we are to be taking this next huge leap forward. It’s been a busy few months. It’s been a busy few years! But finally, we’re happy to be sharing with you the fruits of our labour of love.  

The story so far? You can find most of this on our about page. To get you up to speed though, truthpaste was founded in 2014. It’s fair to say that the combination of a toothache, a curious mind and a long standing interest in holistic practice set the ball rolling, and has lead to one of the most unique oral healthcare products available in the current market. A 100% natural alternative to conventional toothpaste that has gone from strength to strength since it’s humble beginnings in a kitchen in Brighton 5 years ago.

Since then, we've continued to generate and maintain support through an amazing, eclectic and extensive client network. And as truthpaste Original delighted our customers worldwide, we’ve been working hard to develop our range to give you even more choice when it comes to ethical oral care. 

So what’s new?

truthpaste Kids:

Long awaited and much anticipated. The amount of care and attention that has gone into ensuring the perfect formula has been a real journey. Are your kids sweet Super Citrus or Minty Monsters? These mild formulas have been lovingly made with little teeth in mind. All the benefits of natural botanicals with a coconut oil base, but without any foaming agents or artificial flavours. Ideal for both small smiles and big smiles,  this is a great and gentler alternative toothpaste for the whole family. 


Keep an eye on our blog so you can keep you up to date with what we’re up to and don't be too shy to give us a wave on social media. You can find us on Facebook, Insta and Twitter. 

Some things of course, remain steadfastly the same. We are still all about honesty in our products. We still want to share with you exactly what we do and don’t use in truthpaste. We still remain committed to a product that is sustainable, cruelty free and plastic free. You can read more about our company ethos here.  So whilst we’ve had a makeover and and are looking forward to some seriously exciting changes, we’re still the same honest truthpaste that you know and love.

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