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  • cinnamon toothpaste

    Is Cinnamon in toothpaste good for you?

    Is cinnamon in toothpaste good for you? The festive season is finally upon us. This me...

  • Fluoride or Fluoride-Free Toothpaste?

    Fluoride or Fluoride-Free Toothpaste?

    Should you have fluoride in your toothpaste? Here at truthpaste we wholeheartedly believe that you should have the choice. In this fact finding blog we look why fluoride is in toothpaste.

  • what is xylitol? what is xylitol made from, xylitol toothpaste, xylitol teeth, xylitol

    What is Xylitol and why is it good for teeth?

    Pronounced “zy-lee-tol” this natural product is anything but bad. In fact it’s probably one of nature's super heroes. Xylitol has undergone extensive research which highlights it’s benefits in oral hygiene.

  • truthpaste natural toothpaste organic zero waste zero waste SLS free fluoride free vegan cruelty free aloe vera toothpaste, what is aloe vera, benefits of aloe vera, aloe vera uses

    Aloe Vera: Uses, benefits and its effect on dental health

    The soothing succulent and natures wonder plant: aloe vera benefits  How well do you #...

  • What is neem oil and why is it in our toothpaste?

    What is neem oil and why is it in our toothpaste?

    As well as supporting dental health in truthpaste Original, neem oil has been used for centuries around the world for many uses. Also known as the nim tree, the rather romantic sounding Indian Lilac. Our personal favourite is the KiSwahili name mwarobaini meaning ‘of forty’ due to