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The most commonly asked questions:

Why use this over regular toothpaste?

truthpaste has all the benefits of 100% natural and sustainable ingredients, without foaming agents or chemicals that are harmful to the environment. You can take care of your smile and take care of the planet at the same time. See more about our company ethos by clicking here.

How long will a jar of truthpaste last?

Our 120g jar normally lasts 3 months with two people using it. A little goes a long way! We also provide 40g jars which last around a month. Ideal for anyone who wants to try out truthpaste for the first time or a very handy size for travelling! You can always see what our customers are saying by visiting our reviews.

Can I return my used jars of truthpaste?

We do not have a return scheme for our jars. This has been trialled and we found that the eco impact of such a small number of jars being transported and often damaged on the way was not in keeping with the most environmentally responsible and waste free option.

Used jars of truthpaste can be easily repurposed in numerous ways, which is the most environmentally friendly thing to do with any used jars


Whilst reusing is always better, recycling glass can be done and is not all bad! Recycled glass saves 50 percent energy versus virgin glass, and recycling just one glass container saves enough energy to light a 100-watt bulb for four hours. Recycled glass generates 20 percent less air pollution and 50 percent less water pollution, and one ton of glass made from 50 percent recycled materials saves 250 pounds of mining waste. 

Other common questions:

Can I use truthpaste whilst I'm pregnant?

Our Original range includes Neem oil which could be harmful during pregnancy. We recommend trying our Mild Mint coconut based truthpaste. 

Can children use truthpaste?

We have developed truthpaste Kid's with little teeth in mind. You can get this coconut oil based truthpaste in Mild Mint or Sweet Orange. 

The essential oils that we use in truthpaste Original  are not suitable, and are too strong for children under 7 years of age. We recommend that you keep these products out of reach for small people.

Can I use truthpaste on my dog?

No! We use Xylitol which is very toxic for dogs, as well as a number of essential oils. Please do not use on your pets as the ingredients are very harmful to them. If you are looking for a natural solution for your pet's teeth make sure to only use products specifically approved for them.

Is truthpaste suitable for people with allergies?

The truthpaste team work within a nut, gluten and dairy free environment. We request that all of our suppliers do likewise. We are unable to say that we can 100% guarantee that all of our ingredients or product will not come into contact with nuts in transit, or in any of the outlets in which you can buy truthpaste. We endeavour to cater for as many people as we can and are looking into ways in which we can ensure that truthpaste is safe for everyone to use. 

truthpaste is free from gluten, although we can't say with 100% certainty that every ingredient used has not come into contact with gluten during transit.

If you have a severe allergy then please consult your doctor before using truthpaste.