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botanical toothpaste

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better for you
Every ingredient is shown to benefit oral health

Better for the planet
Zero-waste and sustainably sourced ingredients

botanical blends
Harnessing nature's antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties

great flavours
Bold flavours for a guaranteed long--lasting dentist-fresh feeling
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The ranges

truthpaste original

Get that dentist-fresh feeling that lasts. Combining botanical ingredients for their antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties providing whole-mouth protection.

truthpaste charcoal

Whiten your smile with our activated charcoal range. With our unique blend of oils to freshen breath and xylitol to help protect against decay.

truthpaste kids

Brushing teeth is never a chore with our tasty Truthpaste! Natural protection against early signs of decay and suitable for all ages.

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Original: Peppermint & Wintergreen (100ml) Original: Peppermint & Wintergreen (100ml) loading
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Original: Fennel (100ml) Original: Fennel (100ml) loading
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Original: Fennel (100ml)

Charcoal: Peppermint & Spearmint (100ml) Charcoal: Peppermint & Spearmint (100ml) loading
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Kids: Sweet Orange (100ml) Kids: Sweet Orange (100ml) loading
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Kids: Sweet Orange (100ml)

Kids: Mild Mint (100ml) Kids: Mild Mint (100ml) loading
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Kids: Mild Mint (100ml)

Charcoal: Fennel & Orange (100ml) Charcoal: Fennel & Orange (100ml) loading
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Charcoal: Fennel & Orange (100ml)


What OUR customers say


I have been using this a while now, and I absolutely love it. I have a tooth that was due to be removed well over a year ago and before I started using this it was quite often causing me grief. Since swapping to this, I very rarely have any toothache at all. My teeth are also pretty white now considering I am a hardened black coffee and red wine drinker. I love the taste and texture of this and won't stop using it anytime soon - also looking forward to having a stash of empty jars as they are the perfect size and shape for storing spices etc in.

Floyd Miles

Vice President, GoPro


I suffer from mouth ulcers, I believe I was allergic to sulphate. My mouth feels so much better using this product. Love the taste also

Jane Cooper

CEO, Airbnb


Super minty and fresh. The best plastic free toothpaste I’ve found so far.

Kristin Watson

Co-Founder, BookMyShow

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Our Story:
The truth behind truthpaste

Inspired by a toothache and the need to find a natural solution, Truthpaste was developed to change the way we think about toothpaste formulation.

With rich botanical blends and using only ingredients that have shown to benefit oral health, Truthpaste provides complete oral care for teeth and gums. By removing any synthetic bulking ingredients, each jar is full of natural ingredients big on benefits.

Pharmacy Product


Fresh flavours

All Surgical Glove


Naturally Whiten

All Surgical Glove


Family Friendly

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