Truthpaste Original: Peppermint & Wintergreen (100ml)

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  • Revive your dental routine with bold flavours and natural oils that leave you feeling so fresh it tingles.

    Harnessing the antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties of natural botanicals for a strong, long-lasting freshness that supports gum health and maintains a healthy pH balance.

    Our unique formula prevents plaque and decay-causing bacteria, whilst the Bentonite base removes surface stains, absorbs and removes bacteria and pathogens, and provides essential minerals for the teeth.

    Ethically sourced, sustainable, cruelty-free, plastic-free; Truthpaste Original's unique formula means a clean, fresh and eco-friendly smile.

    Free from: Fluoride, SLS, Palm Oil, Triclosan & Glycerine, Titanium Dioxide & Gluten.

    Use: Our 100ml jars last up to 3 months with one person brushing twice a day - that's just 6p a day!

Natural toothpastes for sensitive teeth

Our natural toothpastes are carefully formulated and are suitable for those with sensitive teeth, and have been recommended by our customers!
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Customer Reviews

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Alison Jones
Lovely fresh taste

Great product .. really lovely to use

Keely Mcgill
Best toothpaste ever

I'd tried a few flouride free toothpastes before this one but they all lacked the fresh minty feel after. Truthoaste tastes great and feels 'blow your head off' fresh!
100% recommend

The taste 😅

I really don't like how strong this taste is, it feels like its too strong to be in my mouth and I end up spitting it out.

I have gotten used to the other minty one but this one is a huge no for me haha

Fiona Smith

I’ve been thinking about swapping to a more natural toothpaste and this brand caught my eye. The taste took a day or two to get used to but
I really like it now. I am very pleased and will experiment with the other flavours next time I purchase.

Marjolein Robeerst
Peppermint & wintergreen

Love the taste and my mouth and teeth feels fresh and clean. Normally I get irritation of normal toothpaste, that’s gone!! Love it!