All You Need to Know About Truthpaste’s Probiotic Mouthwash

We believe that oral health is a gateway to overall well-being. That's why our probiotic mouthwash goes above and beyond, offering a scientifically formulated blend designed to upgrade your oral hygiene routine. Just as with our toothpaste, we've carefully selected powerful probiotics and botanical ingredients that harmonise to reinforce your mouth's natural defences. No harsh chemicals or synthetic elements just pure, effective care.

Consistent with our mission, our probiotic mouthwash is vegan, cruelty-free, and environmentally responsible. We avoid palm oil, SLS, and any additives that don't meet our stringent ethical and organic criteria. Trust in a mouthwash that not only enhances your oral health but also aligns with your values. 

Natural & Organic Innovation Award Winner

Natural & Organic Innovation Award Winner

Our probiotic mouthwash goes beyond just freshening your breath, we’ve created an all-in-one solution designed to revolutionise your oral health. Our mouthwash aims to create a balanced environment in your mouth by populating it with beneficial bacteria. This microbiome-friendly approach not only wards off harmful bacteria but also supports your mouth's natural ability to heal and protect itself.

Our probiotic mouthwash utilises natural botanical ingredients to provide long-lasting freshness. By targeting harmful bacteria you can be confident in your oral hygiene all day long. Choosing to invest in our probiotic mouthwash is a proactive step in preventing oral health issues and promoting holistic, vegan and cruelty-free formulas.