Return & Refill: Moving Towards a Circular Economy

Toothpaste Refills

The best way to reduce your carbon footprint is to reuse your glass jars yourself. However, returning jars back to us to reuse can reduce our emissions by up to 60% compared to a new jar. 

Save CO2 emissions, save packaging, and save money!

Earn 50 points (£0.50) per jar returned to us to claim against your next order. 


How to return and refill

How to Return & Refill

Step 1: Collect a minimum of 3 jars

The more the better! The more you can send back to us at once, the more we can reduce our CO2 footprint. We only accept Truthpaste jars. Any other jars will not receive Refill Rewards and will end up being recycled by us (this defeats the purpose and we cannot reuse other jars!)

Step 2: Prepare your jars

Please wash the jars thoroughly and remove the wraparound labels on the glass by soaking them in hot soapy water. At this point, we will only be reusing the glass and not the aluminium so no need to remove the stickers on the lid.

Step 3: Package & ship 

Package the jars carefully to avoid breakage. We can only refill and reimburse you for clean, undamaged jars which have had their labels removed. Please include your name, email address, and postcode in the package. Without this we are unable to send you your Refill Rewards.

We recommend that you use Royal Mail to ship. You can order online, arrange a free collection, and either print your labels or ask the driver to bring one via the Click and Drop website. Alternatively please take your refills to your local Post Office. 

Please send your returns to: Truthpaste Ltd, Unit 2 Westergate Business Centre, Brighton, BN2 4QN.

We will reimburse you £2.85 for the cost of shipping if:

- We receive a minimum of 3 Truthpaste jars

- Jars arrive undamaged, clean, and with the main label removed

- You include your name, email and post code with the jars.

Reimbursements will be only sent by crediting your Rewards account once we have received your jars to refill.

If we receive less than the minimum amount, or they arrive broken, we cannot reimburse you £2.85 for shipping costs (so make sure they are well packaged!) Reimbursements will only be sent through our Rewards scheme.


Step 4: Receive your Refill Rewards!

Once we receive your return we will inspect the jars and begin sterilising them.

Any broken jars will not be able to be refilled and will not receive Refill Rewards. The last thing we want is to be sent broken glass to recycle when it could have been recycled locally, so make sure you package them well!