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Discover The Truth: The truth behind natural ingredients

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    Advantages of Recycling Glass

    Even though it is always better to re-use, recycling glass isn't all bad!

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    Big News! We made Truthpaste even better!

    Big News! We made Truthpaste even better! We’re learning. We’re changing.  We’re growin...

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    The Truth about Sorbitol

    Sorbitol is found in a great many oral care products, such as mouthwashes, gels and toothpaste. You will often find it used alongside xylitol. Both have been proven to benefit the teeth and gums in similar ways, but the crucial reason for including it in the ingredients of truthpaste is its ability to maintain freshness and moisture for longer. 

  • Fennel Toothpaste

    Fennel Toothpaste

    It’s been a wild card as flavours go, but truthpaste Original: Fennel has always enjoyed a strong and committed fanbase. It’s been popular with customers since it was first launched in 2017, we look at the benefits of Fennel in toothpaste.

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    Clove Oil: Natural toothache relief?

    It’s probably the most well known natural remedy for toothache. What makes clove so effective for fighting pain and was it really worth its weight in gold?