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We're proud to be the first of our kind in the UK;  a mineral-based toothpaste that is not only waste free and cruelty free, but tastes great leaving your mouth feeling fresh and healthy. You can love you smile and the planet at the same time!

Unlike conventional toothpaste and other natural toothpastes, you won't find any bulking agents or artificial chemicals in truthpaste. We simply use the natural properties of the botanical ingredients to help fight bacteria that can cause decay and gum disease. 

You can learn more about our ingredients here.


At truthpaste HQ, we strongly believe that honesty is the best policy. As such we hold our company values dear to us:

  • Committed to using zero waste and recyclable packaging
  • Using sustainable ingredients, and organic where possible
  • Ensuring that farming and production of our ingredients causes no harm to the planet
  • Honest about the ingredients which we use in truthpaste
  • We do not believe in using animal products or testing on animals



Unusually, my journey began with a toothache. It was 2014 and it was like a pain beyond pain. I had to book an emergency appointment with my dentist. They were a great help but once the anaesthetic had worn off I was back in a lot of pain again! I began to look up home dentistry and natural remedies online. I found that many of the ingredients suggested I already had in my cupboard, neem leaf powder, clove oil, tea tree oil and coconut oil. 

I mixed them all together to make a paste and tried brushing with it. It was DISGUSTING. Not only that but my mouth was green and muddy looking. Were it not for the fact that it all but stopped the pain in my mouth then idea of truthpaste might have ended its life there. 

I worked on developing a formula. I researched everything from modern dentistry to ayurvedic medicine. I first started making jars for friends and it grew from there. Although I was interested in launching truthpaste as a business, I was keen to stay truthful to my core values. I wanted to make a product that was cruelty free and as good for the planet as it was for teeth. A great deal of time has been spent to ensure that everything from packaging to postage is as ethical and eco friendly as possible and we're constantly learning new ways in which to be a greener company.

We are proud that truthpaste has grown organically as a company. What started out as a small scale operation that I ran from my house has grown, with the help of our fabulous customers and some early support from the Prince's Trust, to our bijoux team working from our lab in the heart of Brighton.