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Truthpaste mouthwash

The strong mint mouthwash is really refreshing!
I had gum problems, using it with truthpaste toothpaste i have noticed improvements! Great products, pleased I found you!

Healthy mouth

I was suffering a lot with toothache due to type 1 diabetes and gum disease. within days of using your toothpaste dental brushes and mouthwash my mouth felt so much better,the pain almost gone Would highly recommend at a time when getting a dental appointment can be a nightmare

My teeth look much brighter and gums more pink after using this paste in less than a week and my breath fresher for longer than other mouthwashes that I have tried before. Love this bundle, works well 👍🏼 I would definitely recommend


Absolutely amazing products, the toothpaste and mouthwash are a great combo in keeping your oral health tip top, highly recommend

Love this!

Great product. No more bleeding gums and mouth feels fresh and teeth feel clean. I'll buy again!

Really like the paste

It is very minty and my mouth feels ultra fresh after brushing. I have sensitive teeth also and so far so good with the new paste.

Love it!

Tastes perfect and does a great job!

Excellent products

Very gentle and kind to my teeth and gums, love natural products in not plastic containers, these tick every box.


Absolutely love these products. Will definitely be buying again.

Great cleaning and refreshing taste

Wonderfullly effective, leaves mouth, tongue and teeth feeling very clean. Simple to use, natural product and sensitive packaging

Swish swash

Excellent mouthwash. Leaves your mouth feeling really clean and fresh but not harshly treated.


Absolutely love this !!! Very minty & can really tell the difference with the natural oils super clean teeth now and stopping inflammation

Kids: Mild Mint (100ml)

Very effective vegan toothpaste in eco packaging

I have been using this toothpaste for at least three years and it is the best I have used. I am told by my dentist that I have excellent hygiene for last two to three years too. I am a long term vegan and always try to be env-friendly and obv avoid palm oil too. Excellent. The price is off putting but it lasts ages so it balances out, all things considered.

excellent for the job.

A nice plastic free alternative that's hygienic and long lasting. Nice appropriately sized scoop end to get into the glass jar with ease and ensure you get the right amount of paste on your brush, plus the narrower handle end is good to use in the smaller travel size tins. It also makes a good tongue scraper!

Love this mouthwash!

I've used mouthwashes in the past that feels like they're going to burn my tongue off...this one is much milder, especially as you can dilute it a bit with water but still freshens the mouth and does the job. No nasty plastic container, nice natural ingredients!

so far so good...clean and fresh teeth with little sensitivity!

I read some people see big differences within only a few days of use. I thought I'd give it a bit longer before adding my review. I have a condition and it comes with fragile tooth enamel and high sensitivity. Most toothpastes are too strong, too abrasive, only offer comfort for a few days use. I also hate waste and difficult to recycle/reuse traditional toothpaste packaging. A week in using truthpaste and I'm extremely satisfied with the outcome. Vastly reduced sensitivity so far and nice clean teeth! Spatula that came with my pack can also serve as a handy tongue scraper! No more plastic waste...a lovely little jar that's recyclable, but I'll be keeping for storing things in. I like the handy travel sized tins too. So good. Thanks Truthpaste!

Great product

This toothpaste in combination with my Suri toothbrush is perfect

Really like this toothpaste, leaves my teeth feeling really clean with a nice freshness. I have tried tooth powder and tables but so far this is so much better.

Clean and minty fresh

Great product and feels safe to trust truthpaste for providing quality ingredients .

Best toothpaste snd mouthwash!

Like a mouth spa every time! No more pain and bleeding.. great at disinfecting and cleaning… really is so botanical.. I love it! It’s my go to toothpaste now.

Really impressed with the Truth paste range

After seeing adverts on social media I decided to try Truthpaste. The fact that it's fluoride free - the healthier option, it was worth a try. Anyway, love it. The peppermint & wintergreen has a really fresh taste & prefer the jar & spatula to a tube of toothpaste. I also bought the mouthwash which leaves your mouth feeling fresh & the charcoal floss is a great improvement on shop bought floss. I was so impressed, I put my second order in & my husband is now converted.

Excellent product

Very surprised how quickly my mouth improved teeth and gums lesd sensitive excellent stuff have recommended it to others already.

Peppermint & wintergreen toothpaste

Have been using this for a couple of weeks now and it’s amazing. It tastes and smells good, and it has a brilliant texture. Definitely will be ordering more.