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Simple but just right

I ordered a spatula as we've always used a wooden one & wanted something more hygenic & ended up with 3 because I hadn't noticed I'd clicked on toothpaste complete with a spatula so each pot I received came with their own so we now have plenty of easy to clean spatulas!

Eco friendly

Happy to buy these after my dentist gave me the plastic version which I don't want to use then these popped up on Truthpaste.

Mouthwash Cup
Toni Milenkovski

Love iit so much

Charcoal- peppermint and spearmint toothpaste

Love it, leaves my teeth/mouth feeling clean and fresh, though I have previously used the wintergreen flavoured toothpaste and I do prefer the flavour of that one. Both gave the same cleaning and whitening experience though I prefer the blast of fresh wintergreen flavour :)
Any chance of a charcoal based toothpaste with the wintergreen ingredients?!?! :)
Overall love your toothpastes, brand, everything! Great price, quality and beliefs

A pleasure to clean

Makes cleaning my teeth something I look forward to. A pleasant experience without the normal foaming quality and with the thought that you have put something much more wholesome in your mouth. Teeth feel clean and the taste is much more subtle than ordinary pastes.

My favourite toothpaste

I have been using this toothpaste for over a year now. It leaves a lovely fresh taste and I like to use plastic free products.

Amazing taste

This amazing mouth wash works really well and tastes delicious 😋

Stainless Steel Spatula
Toni Milenkovski

Very handy for getting that toothpaste powder from the jar


I really like this one. It has got rid of my bad breath, and my teeth feel really clean after using it. It is definitely one of my favourites, along with the wintergreen. And best of all, its fluoride free.

its all good

they sent it i got it and its ok no bad stuff like SLS, Fluoride, Carregeenan etc...

just the best

Better than any of the competition. So easy to use and reach those little corners. Love the long handle. Last so much longer as well. A joy to use!!

The Essentials Bundle

This is my second order from truthpaste. This is a great bundle to add to my collection as it has the mouthwash cup and I needed more toothpaste, mouthwash and floss and I now have a spare spatula for my travel bag. Ordered the fennel toothpaste this time having tried all the flavours - this one is my favourite. Great products.

My go to every time!

I have tried all the truthpaste flavours and the charcoal Peppermint & Spearmint is my favourite! I keep coming back to Truthpaste every time. My dentist has even commented that my brushing has improved.. of course it has! I'm no longer using harsh chemicals! Thank you truthpaste for providing us with excellent products!

Reliable toxic-free brand

My children love this toothpaste and use it without any issues.

Original: Peppermint & Wintergreen (100ml)


Pleasant taste and despite being strong mint, it feels nice and gentle on the gums

Wonky Mouthwash
Zoe Laurence
The best mouthwash!!!

Have been using Truthpastes mouthwash for a few months now and it is the best. It has healed an inflamed gum issue for me with daily use. Love that it contains healing Aloe Vera and the peppermint is very refreshing.


I LOVE this mouthwash. It is top tier quality and very effective. It makes my mouth feel super clean and healthy! I also love that Truthpaste cares about the environment and ensuring that there aren’t any nasty chemicals in anything. 10/10 recommend

Clean and fresh feeling

I have only used a couple of times so far. It feels like it leaves my teeth clean and fresh. Will continue to use and see how it goes

Teeth feel clean

Only been using the toothpaste for a few weeks. Mouth and teeth feel cleaner after using the toothpaste so will keep on using it and see how it goes.

My youngest boys favourite! And it works too!

Safe, effective and tastes good too! What more could a mama want for her growing son! Impressed Truthpaste! Keep up the great work!

Back to the Best

I used to buy Truthpaste , then started experimenting with tablets, etc. Frankly, nothing compares! I love the texture (and really like the new steel measuring spoon) and adore the taste of the fennel, although I like to change it up with the minty one, too. Not keen on charcoal products, too much mess. But this is a winner, and I shall remain faithful from now on!

Messy but cool.

Me and my partner use charcoal and our children use mild mint. The consistency does take some getting used to. It can be watery and messy to use but the results are 10/10 so I can deal with that! My teeth feel so clean after each use. The flavour is great and the kids are happy too. We as a family are fully converted.

Very nice, although a little craggy.

I love the flavourings. It gives a nice clean feel afterwards. I'm not keen on the density of it. Its quite hard to get a good spread on the Toothbrush. Other than that it is a wonderful product.


My 7 year old loves this toothpaste. So much so she has to take some with her when ever she spends a night away.