Original: Peppermint & Wintergreen (100ml)

Give your mouth the VIP treatment

"I've used Truthpaste for about 2 weeks and I am never going back to 'normal' toothpaste again. My teeth are whiter than white, breath and mouth feels so fresh, sensitivity has gone"

  • No plastic tubes
  • No additives, fluoride or SLS
  • Just natural minerals and organic botanicals chosen for your health

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Suitable for sensitive teeth

Suitable for sensitive teeth

Inspired by a toothache, this formula is made with organic oils with analgesic (pain relief) properties to provide relief from sensitivity.

Designed for your whole mouth

Designed for your whole mouth

Feel fresher for longer when you brush with anti-plaque botanicals.

Most toothpastes are filled with cheap artificial additives that dont benefit your health.

Brush with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory botanicals that prevent early signs of gum disease and leave you feeling clean and fresh all day.

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Mineral Rich Bentonite Toothpaste

Mineral Rich Bentonite Toothpaste

A deep but gentle clean every time.

Made with pharmaceutical grade bentonite clay, this formula is rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, silica and potassium. Its negatively charged ions bond to positively charged pathogens helping to remove them.

Bentonite has a low abrasive score but high cleaning ability, making it a perfect addition to gently polish teeth and remove bacteria.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 281 reviews
David Hillock

Absolutely outstanding tbh no more pain it really disappears after 4 day’s delighted

Nicki Parnell

Love this peppermint and wintergreen.. tastes great and works!! Love it Thank you 😊

Garry Andrews

Excellent product...works really well...love it

Lois Phillips
Great product

I have loved using this product. It makes the mount feel really fresh and my teeth
super clean, without any nasty ingredients included!

Wendy Cole
Great natural cleansing product

Aww absolutely love this bundle I had this sore gum so thought to order the bundle to try , not gonna lye it’s superb feels and taste so natural ,very cleansing and the sore gum is better , love the mouth wash too it stays fresh for a long while , the bamboo floss dosent slip unlike those waxy ones used in past ! So not going to buy anything else apart from this range even better it’s made in Brighton 🤩

Mary Bodden
Truth paste toothpaste peppermint & wintergreen

Been using this for around 2 weeks no unpleasant after taste like other toothpastes mouth feels fresh and jar will last a fair while Will definitely order again