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  • Natural botantical toothpaste

    Simple. Clean. Honest.

Natural toothpaste that works...

Packed full of essential oils for a mouth-tingling sensation that leaves your teeth pristine clean and morning fresh. truthpaste fights plaque, bacteria and bad breath, restoring your natural brightness and making you feel super fresh and your teeth strong.

Revive your morning routine and wake up to the truth..paste. 
Always 🌱natural, ♻ zero waste, 🐇 cruelty free and vegan.

Our great tasting natural toothpaste gentle removes surface stains and freshens breath, leaving you with the ultimate dentist fresh experience

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natural whitening toothpaste

Effective natural toothpaste made ethically 

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Prevent plaque build-up and protect against decay with our anti-bacterial botanical formula enhanced with a unique blend of organic essential oils

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Free from SLS, parabens, EDTA, phthalates, triclosan, SLS, formaldehyde, peroxide, PEGs, microplastic and palm oil.

children's natural toothpaste from truthpaste

Made with little teeth in mind but loved by the whole family. Our natural children's toothpaste has a coconut and calendula base with sweet and mild flavours.

truthpaste Kids