Natural Toothpaste for Kids

Make brush time fun with our deliciously flavoured natural toothpastes for kids.

These natural toothpaste for kids are designed with little teeth in mind but suitable for the whole family. From very first tooth to a fully grown but sweet tooth!

We're stripped back the essential oils and replaced them with Organic Coconut and Calendula oils for their antibacterial and nourishing effects on little gums.
These mild formulas gently remove plaque and prevent it through our use of xylitol.\


Our Sweet Orange formula gives a refreshing sweet citrusy flavour from pure organic oils, awakening young smiles with its vibrant tang. Or, for those who prefer a classic minty flavour, our Mild Mint provides a gentle cooling sensation using soothing organic spearmint.

Both are powered by tooth-friendly ingredients like xylitol, aloe, and calcium, safely and effectively helping little ones build lifelong oral health habits. Free of dyes, artificial sweeteners and harsh detergents, our kids' pastes provide ideal daily care.

Let the yummy flavours motivate happy, healthy brushing!