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July 20, 2023

Research Report: The Impact of Truthpaste on Tooth Sensitivity

By Marisa Battrick

At Truthpaste, we believe in revolutionising oral care by harnessing the power of nature. Our innovative toothpaste formulations steer clear of traditional oral care ingredients for sensitivity and instead utilise essential oils known for their analgesic effects. Peppermint, eucalyptus, wintergreen, clove, and fennel are the key oils we employ in our toothpaste to provide a refreshing and soothing experience. 

In this case study, we delve into the effects of our products on tooth sensitivity by analysing feedback from 67 customers who had experienced sensitivity prior to using Truthpaste.

Research Methodology: 

We reached out to 67 individuals who suffered from tooth sensitivity and asked them to report any changes in their sensitivity since incorporating Truthpaste into their oral care routine. The participants were divided into three groups: those who noticed no difference, those who experienced reduced sensitivity, and those who claimed their sensitivity had completely vanished.


Out of the 67 participants, 8 (11.9%) stated that they hadn't noticed any difference in their tooth sensitivity since using Truthpaste. Meanwhile, an encouraging 30 individuals (44.8%) reported a reduction in sensitivity, while an almost equal number of 29 participants (43.3%) claimed that their sensitivity had disappeared entirely. It is worth noting that all individuals in the "sensitivity vanished" and "reduced sensitivity" groups had experienced tooth sensitivity before using Truthpaste.

results showing of 67 participants, 8 noticed no difference in sensitivity, 30 experienced reduced sensitivity, and 29 claimed sensitivity vanished

Subgroup Analysis: 

Further analysis focused on the toothpaste variations used by participants who reported their sensitivity had vanished or been reduced. Among the 29 who claimed their sensitivity had vanished, 4 individuals (13.8%) used Charcoal: Orange and Fennel, 5 (17.2%) used Charcoal: Peppermint & Spearmint, 4 (13.8%) used Original Fennel, 1 (3.4%) used Sweet Orange, and the remaining 15 participants (51.8%) used Original: Peppermint & Wintergreen.

Regarding the 30 participants reporting reduced sensitivity, 4 (13.3%) used Charcoal: Orange and Fennel, 2 (6.7%) used Charcoal: Peppermint & Spearmint, 1 (3.3%) used Sweet Orange, 5 (16.7%) used Original Fennel, and the majority 18 (60%) opted for Original: Peppermint & Wintergreen.

table showing that of 59 participants noticing reduced / vanished sensitivity, 32 use peppermint & wintergreen, 8 use charcoal peppermint & spearmint, 9 use original fennel, 8 use charcoal orange and fennel, and 2 use kids sweet orange

Furthermore, among individuals who suffered from sensitivity and used the peppermint and wintergreen variation, 4 (17.4%) hadn't noticed any difference, 15 (65.2%) claimed their sensitivity had vanished, and 18 (78.3%) reported a reduction in sensitivity.

pie chart showing that of the participants who use peppermint and wintergreen, 10.8% noticed no difference in sensitivity, 48.6% noticed a reduction, and 40.5% claimed their sensitivity has gone completely

Similarly, among individuals who suffered from sensitivity and used the charcoal peppermint & spearmint variation, 5 (35.7%) hadn't noticed any difference, 5 (35.7%) claimed their sensitivity had vanished, and 2 (14.3%) reported a reduction in sensitivity.


This case study provides compelling evidence of the potential efficacy of Truthpaste's essential oil-based toothpaste in addressing tooth sensitivity. 

The results indicate that a significant number of individuals experienced a reduction or complete elimination of their sensitivity after using our products. Notably, participants who had previously suffered from sensitivity were more likely to observe positive results.

It is important to emphasise that further research is necessary to explore the underlying mechanisms and to validate these initial findings. However, the outcomes of this study offer promising insights into the efficacy of our unique formulations, enriched with essential oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus, wintergreen, clove, and fennel. These oils contribute to a refreshing and soothing oral care experience for individuals seeking relief from tooth sensitivity.

At Truthpaste, we remain dedicated to providing natural and effective oral care solutions that prioritise both dental health and overall well-being. We encourage individuals experiencing tooth sensitivity to consider the potential benefits of our essential oil-based toothpaste formulations and to consult with dental professionals for personalised advice.


The data presented in this case study is based on self-reported feedback from a limited sample size and should be interpreted with caution. Individual experiences may vary, and further scientific investigation is necessary to establish conclusive evidence regarding the effects of Truthpaste products on tooth sensitivity.

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