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May 24, 2022

Coconut oil benefits that science agrees with!

By Lex Lake

You may have heard numerous claims about coconut oil in the last decade, and not just for its oral care benefits. It’s fair to say that it has definitely enjoyed a renaissance in the world of natural remedies and holistic beauty. You can find it in anything from home baking to hair care, skin lotions to diet potions. How has it got such a great reputation for oral care?

Research into coconut oil and the reality of the claims about it has been more prevalent in recent years. Like many natural remedies, there is scepticism about how effective the health benefits actually are, particularly in weight loss. However, this does not mean that it isn’t effective. As with many natural products, it’s often the case that peer reviewed research has simply not taken place or has been very limited. 

The Good News!
There is emerging research to support the benefits of coconut oil in oral care. Like any research, new information is appearing all the time. Here is what we know about coconut oil and oral care so far…!


Organic coconut oil

Before we look at the benefits of coconut oil in more detail, we need to look at the benefits of using an organic oil as opposed to a non-organic one. The huge benefits of organic farming notwithstanding, the end product is free of harmful chemicals, pesticides or additives. That isn't to say that non-organic coconut doesn’t still have its benefits, just that the end product lacks the same kind of purity of organic oil. 


Is coconut oil good for skin?

Yes, it is! There has been research and everything. Coconut oil is rich in antioxidants which help neutralise skin inflammation such as psoriasis, dermatitis etc. The studies showed that coconut oil not only reduced the inflammation but also appeared to soothe the pain. However, and its a big however, the 2013 study was with rats and not humans. Given how we feel about animal cruelty at Truthpaste, we hope that any newer research doesn’t come at a cost to our furry friends. 


Coconut oil pulling: Does coconut oil whiten teeth?

Yes! But not in the way you think. The practice of oil pulling involves taking a teaspoon of oil and pulling it through your teeth and around the whole mouth for around 20 minutes. Regular oil pulling can help reduce and remove plaque which gives teeth a yellow appearance. In terms of actually making teeth whiter, there is no conclusive evidence yet. This does not necessarily mean that it doesn’t, it just means that there aren’t enough studies or evidence to give it a basis in scientific fact. 

Coconut oil for teeth

Why use coconut oil in toothpaste? Well, firstly, it tastes great! Ok, so, technically, this is more of an opinion than actual scientific research, but we feel like it belongs here. Back to some more serious science. There are several studies that conclude that coconut oil is great for fighting the S. mutans that cause cavities and caries. Preliminary studies have found that using coconut oil has reduced plaque related gingivitis and that the antibacterial properties in coconut oil have helped to soothe inflamed gums. It also helps keep your breath fresh! This follows on from fighting those S. mutans which are causing cavities.

As with any natural remedy, coconut oil alone can’t replace your full oral care routine. The research developing around the benefits of coconut oil in oral care is exciting to see, especially since early research appears to back up historical claims about it. The good news is that coconut oil isn’t harmful to your teeth or gums (unless you are allergic to it!) so there isn’t any harm in pulling or cleaning with it. 


Did you know...?

Even our charcoal toothpastes use the husks of organic coconuts to create the fine powder that gently cleans teeth and lifts surface stains. You can find coconut oil in our Kid's range and Charcoal range!



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