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May 07, 2022

5 warning signs of gum disease

By eddy wilson

Research shows that 90% of adults have or have had some form of gum disease. Do you know the warning signs?

We don’t often give our gums much thought. They are essential in keeping harmful bacteria at bay and your teeth firmly where they ought to be.

Poor gum health can carry much more serious risks than just bad breath or loose teeth. Healthy gums are your body's natural defence to stop harmful bacteria from getting into the bloodstream and causing more serious health issues. 


There are 3 stages of gum disease:


The most common and treatable form of gum disease. If caught in this early stage it can be easily managed and the effects reversed


A more serious condition that needs to be carefully managed

Advanced periodontitis 

The effects of advanced periodontitis can be serious resulting in tooth loss and persistent irritation. 


Symptoms of gum disease

Keep an eye out for the following symptoms that might mean your gums need some love:

Redness and swelling. 

This can indicate the onset of gum disease and is known as Gingivitis. Regular check-ups with your dentist and a good oral care routine often mean that this can be caught and treated early. A professional clean will clear up any symptoms in most cases. 


Bleeding gums. 

This is another warning sign that you might be suffering from gingivitis. Again, this is treatable with a good oral health routine and advice from your dentist. 


Bad Breath (Halitosis). 

As with other symptoms of gum disease, there are a number of reasons that you might be suffering from bad breath. However, you should mention it to your dentist as this could potentially be the onset of periodontitis. 


Loose teeth and gum abscesses. 

These are more serious signs of periodontitis. Whilst treatable, periodontitis is not curable and needs to be carefully managed to maintain overall whole mouth health. 


Receding gums between your teeth and difficulty swallowing. 

In very rare cases, gum disease can develop into Acute necrotising ulcerative gingivitis. Symptoms are usually much more severe and can be accompanied by other symptoms like a fever or ulcers. Treatment may require a few visits with your dentists and, in some cases, antibiotics. 

It’s important to seek advice from a dental professional if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms. You can keep your gums healthy by maintaining a great oral care routine, finding a great toothpaste and eating a balanced diet. 


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