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September 01, 2021

5 Benefits of Organic farming

By Marisa Battrick

The Soil Association has dedicated the month of September to raising awareness and promoting the benefits of organic farming.  This carefully designed method of farming food sustains soils, biodiversity, ecosystems and people. Organic farming is so much more than just ‘no pesticides’.

Whilst Organic is a term that is largely linked to farming and food, it’s a subject that we are passionate about at Truthpaste HQ. We actively look for ingredients that are certified organic to go in our award-winning formula. 

Healthy soil stores more carbon from the atmosphere

The benefits of organic farming are far-reaching. Healthy soil stores more carbon, improving air and water quality and, ultimately health. The soil association estimates that: “organic farmland stores (or ‘sequesters’) more carbon – on average 3.5 tonnes extra for every hectare), and organic soils are around 25% more effective at storing carbon in the long-term.” A careful crop rotation to keep the soil healthy and natural fertilisers like clover or animal manure are all ways to keep plants free of disease and soils fertile.  


Organic farms encourage more biodiversity

A report from the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), states that species such as bees are declining at an unprecedented rate. Sustainable farming practices, like organic farming, could slow down and even potentially reverse the decline in animals and insects. Instead of pesticides, organic farms encourage a natural balance of plants and animals. This establishes a natural balance to control pests and promote pollination.  


Organic fertilisers reduce the impact on water quality

Organic fertilisers markedly reduce the impact of farming on water quality. Nitrogen fertilisers used by non-organic farms have an adverse effect on aquatic life, depriving the water supply of essential oxygen and nutrients that plants and fish need to survive. 



Organic farming is key to combating the climate crisis with 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

An influential report titled ‘'Ten Years for Agro-ecology in Europe' suggests that organic farming and similar systems could be a key factor in our response to the climate crisis. With benefits including, but not limited to:

  • feeding the European population healthily
  • reducing Europe’s global food footprint
  • a 40% reduction in agricultural greenhouse gas emissions
  • helping to restore biodiversity and to protect natural resources


Organic foods are healthier for you

It’s clear that organic farming is what is required on a larger scale if we want to improve the overall quality of the environment. Of course, there is the immediate benefit of organic food being a healthier alternative for us in our daily consumption. The soil association draws a clear link between the benefits to the ecosystem and our own health. 

  • Fewer pesticides and herbicides
  • Fewer additives and preservatives
  • No GM ingredients
  • More resilient farms
  • Nutritionally different food



By supporting organic farming we can directly contribute to a more sustainable future. It’s fair to say that it’s not always easy to make the swap to organic produce. Hence our handy 5 Tips for going organic on a budget! 

We are proud to be transparent about our ingredients and actively support organic farming. It’s just our small contribution to a more sustainable and ethical future. 



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