Strong Mint Probiotic Mouthwash Fluoride Free

Protect your mouth from harmful bacteria while strengthening your natural defenses to prevent gum issues. 

  • Care for your oral microbiome
  • Keep your breath fresh
  • Prevent plaque build-up
  • Support gum health

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Mr. Keith Trebilcock
Amazing taste

This amazing mouth wash works really well and tastes delicious 😋

Lisa Joynes
Magic mouthwash

I don’t normally use mouthwash, but I trust Truthpaste products, so I gave it a whirl…or rather….a swirl…and it’s great…why not give it a go!

Zoe Laurence
Great Mouthwash

This is great! Very fresh and minty. You only need a small amount to swish round and it leaves your mouth very fresh and clean. Love that it contains Aloe juice. Will definitely keep using this one.

Strong and minty

I haven't used mouthwash in years since trying to reduce the plastic that I buy, and I didn't know but I've missed it! This one tastes just as strong and fresh as the others but so much better knowing that it's not harsh and stripping my mouth of all the good things too like other mouthwash does. I don't know yet but I'm hoping it will reduce mouth ulcers with it's aloe vera healing powers / I'm also having my wisdom teeth out so I'm hoping it will help with that

Billy Brady
Best Mouthwash I’ve Ever Used

This is easily the best mouthwash I’ve ever used. I’ve done extensive research on many different brands and their ingredients and nothing comes even remotely close to this one for the price. I just hope they continue to make this for years to come and don’t change the ingredients because it’s the best one I’ve found!

Peter Goldstone
Fluoride Free mouthwash

Loving using our new mouthwash. Refreshes the mouth perfectly and with no horrible ingredients it definitely makes us smile 😀