Strong Mint Probiotic Mouthwash With Fluoride

Protect your mouth from harmful bacteria while strengthening your natural defenses to prevent gum issues. 

  • Care for your oral microbiome
  • Keep your breath fresh
  • Prevent plaque build-up
  • Support gum health

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Pleasant taste and despite being strong mint, it feels nice and gentle on the gums


I LOVE this mouthwash. It is top tier quality and very effective. It makes my mouth feel super clean and healthy! I also love that Truthpaste cares about the environment and ensuring that there aren’t any nasty chemicals in anything. 10/10 recommend

Amazing mouthwash! <3

Been trying to find a mouthwash that didn't have PEGs and polysorbates which was quite difficult but I finally found one and that's Truthpaste! I love that it has probiotics which helps keep good bacteria to prevent dry mouth and possibly prevent infection from not so good bacteria. It doesn't bubble up as much so you can gargle without the mouthwash going up your nose. I love having minty fresh breath but have acid reflux so have to be careful with eating mints and chewing gum hurts my jaw (both can also contain additives), using Truthpaste helps provide that minty freshness.

Thank you Truthpaste! <3

A little goes a long way

Love this but is very expensive. I literally just use a capful (it’s a small cap), swill it round and pull it through my teeth. Like the fact there is a fluoride option.

Helen S
Always a pleasure.

I know it sounds like I work for them (I don't by the way) but I did actually say this to my other half last night... "This is the best mouthwash I have ever used and I love it". I've never said that about anything ever except perhaps gin. It doesn't burn like many do, it tastes great and my teeth feel super clean. It is a bit pricey although you don't need much to do the job.

Rosemary Gray

Really refreshing, I 💕 it