After a painful toothache, I decided to take matters into my own hands and started making toothpaste in my kitchen. Although the first concoction was far from pleasant (coconut oil, neem leaf powder, tea tree, and clove oils - eurgh!) Despite its disgusting taste it,nactually helped ease some of the pain and reduce infection and swelling in my gums. 

This sparked an obsession with learning about ingredients for natural oral health which eventually led me to launch Truthpaste. It started as a side hustle thanks to help from The Prince's Trust.

I was always concerned about the issues with plastic so I opted for glass jars. It was also an easy win for at-home production. this paid off big time when plastic pollution hit headlines & demand soared for sustainable products. We quickly saw lots of growth, so I quit my job to go full-time. I moved out of my kitchen and into a couple of studios and took on my first staff.

Now we have a small factory with machines in our corner of Brighton. It feels a long way from hand mixing in bowls in my kitchen!

Truthpaste is now sold in hundreds of stores and has helped thousands of customers with their oral health.

It’s been an amazing journey so far, and Im excited for the future of Truthpaste, growing the team and launching more products, helping even more people improve their health through the power of nature.