Wonky Mouthwash


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Seriously fresh, for a little bit less!

Not every batch of our Truthpaste finds its place on the shelves of our stockists or graces the comfort of your homes.

At Truthpaste, we believe in reducing waste right from the start. Rather than discarding these bottles due to their minor flaws, we choose to celebrate their uniqueness and offer them to our eco-conscious customers. This way, we contribute to minimizing our environmental footprint and take a step towards zero waste within our community.

These flawed bottles proudly contain the same mouthwash you've come to love, even if their stickers exhibit a slight slant, or the lids bear gentle dents.

Grab yourself a bottle with a charmingly wonky appearance, and save 20%

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Customer Reviews

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Zoe Laurence
The best mouthwash!!!

Have been using Truthpastes mouthwash for a few months now and it is the best. It has healed an inflamed gum issue for me with daily use. Love that it contains healing Aloe Vera and the peppermint is very refreshing.