Eco Friendly Toothpastes

Care for your smile and the planet with our eco-friendly toothpaste.

Housed in recyclable aluminium tins or glass jars, our pastes are free of harmful chemicals and microplastics. We use mindfully sourced, biodegradable ingredients like neem, coconut oil and peppermint for gentle yet effective cleaning.

Powered by plants and minerals, our toothpastes provide a plastic-free alternative focused on sustainability. Our all-natural toothpaste is thoughtfully created to nourish your oral health through the power of simple, safe ingredients that nurture your mouth and the earth.

We are committed to:

  • Using zero waste and recyclable packaging
  • Using sustainable ingredients, and organic where possible
  • Ensuring that farming and production of our ingredients causes no harm to the planet
  • Honest about the ingredients which we use in truthpaste
  • We do not believe in using animal products or testing on animals