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May 01, 2022

5 icky facts about mouth bacteria

By eddy wilson

We all know that we need to keep the bacteria that builds up in the mouth in check. But how much do you know about the damage that can be done by neglecting your oral care? 


Have you ever skipped brushing? Come on, be honest. According to a YouGov survey, over a third of adults skip brushes, sticking to only once a day. If that’s you, prepare yourself for some icky facts that will make you want to wash your mouth out! 


5 really gross mouth bacteria facts:

  1. There are, on average, about 700 types of mouth bacteria. Gross, huh? Don’t worry, they aren’t all ‘bad’ bacteria. When your teeth start to feel ‘slimy’ or ‘filmy’ that would be those bacteria letting you know they are there.

  2. Mouth bacteria live and thrive in the whole mouth! On your tongue, in your cheeks, your tonsils and your gums. If that’s not enough to get you running for your toothbrush, then we don’t know what is. The mouth creates a perfect environment for bacteria to thrive and interact. 

  3. They multiply! About every 4-5 hours, according to dentists. Don’t be tempted to skip brushing your teeth!

  4. Your saliva helps to flush out bad bacteria. If you’ve ever wondered why ‘morning breath’ is a thing, it’s because our mouths often dry out as we sleep allowing oxygen to feed the bacteria in our mouths. With a healthy pH balance to encourage saliva, we can keep those pesky bacteria at bay. So yeah, definitely don’t be tempted to skip brushing in the evening!

  5. Bacteria can go rogue! This is actually kind of scary. Poor gum health means that potentially harmful bacteria can get into the bloodstream. This can result in some pretty scary health risks including pneumonia, rheumatism and Alzheimers. 


So now you're all clued up on your mouth bacteria facts, are you sure you want to skip that 2-minute morning brush? It’s important to visit your dentist if you are experiencing any of the signs of gum disease. It’s also important to brush twice a day and take the time to give yourself some self-care.  


Did you know…?

Lemon essential oil is a natural antiseptic. Used in small amounts with alkalising ingredients, it helps to naturally cleanse the mouth of the bacteria that can cause plaque and gingivitis. All of the ingredients in Truthpaste are picked for their natural benefits to whole mouth health.



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