Advantages of Recycling Glass

Choosing plastic-free products are a great way of reducing your waste. Its also good to choose to buy bulk when possible (part of the reason we discontinued our smaller jars).

There are endless ways how you can reuse your empty Truthpaste jar, from plant pots, to pen pots, sweet jars, and our personal favourite; propping up a kitchen counter! We always love to hear the creative ways you re-use your jars.

Even though it is always better to re-use, recycling glass isn't all bad!

Advantages of Glass Recycling:

Save Energy

It takes 40% more energy to make glass from scratch compared to recycling it. Recycled glass melts at a much lower temperature than virgin glass. Research shows that recycling a glass bottle can save enough energy to light a normal light bulb for 4 hours. 

Reduce Industrial pollution

Reducing industrial pollution benefits the global environment. Using recycled glass reduces 20% of air pollution and 40% of water pollution caused by industrial production. 

Earn money

In some countries you can earn money on recycling. You can often find recycling vending machines in countries such as Germany to earn money on each bottle you recycle.

Conserve resources

Recycling reduces the amount of natural resources needed to produce glass, such as sand, soda ash and limestone.

Other benefits of Glass:

Unlike plastics it doesn't breakdown into toxic micro plastics

It doesn't decay or rot, and can be recycled repeatedly.

Its pretty inert, meaning it wont contaminate food or cosmetics it holds and so helps keep them fresher.

Glass is also used to generate renewable energy through solar-thermal and photovoltaic applications and wind turbine, which largely profit from light weight reinforcement glass fibres. 

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