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March 11, 2021

Big News! We made Truthpaste even better!

By Marisa Battrick

We’re learning. We’re changing.  We’re growing!

As Spring springs up all around us, we thought that this was a great opportunity to share with you how we’re growing here at Truthpaste. We’re about to launch our new and improved formula for all our great ranges which we’ve developed by listening to your feedback!

Better Taste!

Known for our bold, fresh flavours, we’ve tweaked our winning formula to bring the zing to oral care. Our essential oil blend will make your whole mouth feel fresher for longer!

Better Texture!

Responding to your feedback we have enhanced the brushing sensation. Our new formula stays fresher for longer, extending the shelf life to lasting over 30 months unopened (or 6 months after opening).

Better for your Teeth!

Our gentler texture is even kinder to teeth, even those sensitive ones. All of the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits for whole mouth oral care, in a more silky-smooth paste. 

Our mission is to challenge the status quo to provide natural botanical solutions with health benefits.

Our roots are planted firmly in providing quality oral health care and we are very proud of our 100% natural alternative to conventional toothpaste. So any changes to our winning formula had to be in line with our mission statement. 

We believe in the power of nature.

Harmony with nature is at the forefront of what we do, by returning to traditions and looking at innovations. We are passionate in providing the best cosmetic health products nature has to offer.


Through designing unique botanical blends with the use of ancient wisdom and modern innovations, we harness the antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties that nature has to offer.

We take the best of both worlds to provide the best products. Whilst we’re excited to be moving forward as a company, we think it’s important to take the lessons we've learned with us. Truthpaste is evolving by learning from traditional herbal remedies and combining that knowledge with modern research. 

Yes, we are making improvements to our winning formula, but we are not compromising on any of the health benefits to your oral care. You can expect the same bold flavours and the same dentist-fresh feel when you buy Truthpaste just like you always have. 

We are all about creating the best toothpaste without compromising on taste or effectiveness, whilst always keeping plastic-free, sustainable and vegan.

Some things will never change for us. With nature firmly in our hearts, we will never use plastic for our packaging and our ingredients will always be sustainable, responsibly sourced and cruelty free. 

STILL 100% natural

STILL cruelty free

STILL zero waste