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May 01, 2022

Love your local zero-waste store!

By eddy wilson

When did you last visit your zero-waste store?

 “Heartbreaking” is the word being used to describe the sudden decline in zero-waste stores and businesses, post-pandemic. Covid and convenience shopping has wreaked havoc through the zero waste community with many stores finding that they just aren’t getting the footfall they need to keep up with the ever-rising costs of running an independent business. 

With many stores now providing a delivery service to compete with supermarket chains, it’s sad to see the general population continuing to go with large supermarket chains

So, “use them or lose them” is the message we’re hearing. But we can think of at least 5 reasons why your local zero waste store is better than the supermarket. 


  1. The personal touch. Whether you are the kind of person that wants to just be left alone to shop or engage in some chit-chat with the staff, you are much more likely to get that tailored experience with your zero waste store. Being relatively new to the retail world, your zero waste store is likely to be independent. This gives them a real sense of community and a certain homeliness that simply doesn’t come when shopping at a chain store. A zero waste store will often look for local produce and manufacturers to work with so really do become a community hub. 

  2. Shared goals. So, you care about the planet, you want to reduce your carbon footprint and stop buying single-use plastic? Great! The staff at your zero waste store are best positioned to help you with this. They will know about the best swaps to make, how to manage costs and what kind of an impact your consumer choices can make to the planet. They will be able to suggest products you've never tried or even heard or thought of. 

  3. Weigh better shopping. A huge benefit, as well as getting rid of all that plastic packaging, is that you buy only what you need. You can find anything from grains to pasta to fruit. As food items at your local zero waste store are costed by weight, you can buy exactly what you need and generate much less food waste!

  4. New things to try! Unlike conglomerates or chain stores, you’ll find a whole new world of products and produce to try in your zero waste store. Just like the stores themselves, manufacturers of zero waste products are generally independent and local businesses that make all your staple shopping products but without the harmful chemicals or packaging from big-name brands. Natural and eco products might seem expensive in the first instance but will generally last much longer than conventional alternatives. And, dare we say it, natural ingredients feel/smell/taste, much better than their mass-produced rivals. 

  5. Save money and a local business. As a growing market, it’s fair to say that your local zero waste store won’t have everything you need for your regular shop. However, making some small swaps will both support your local business and save you money. For example; a shampoo bar can last for up to 8 months, a jar of Truthpaste can last you up to 4 months, meaning that you don’t need to pay for these items every time you shop!

Share the love…!

Do you have a zero-waste store near you? Is there a product you simply can’t live without that you wouldn’t be able to get if your local store were to close its doors? Shout about your zero-heroes! To your friends, your family, tag them in your social posts and show them some love. It would be very sad to see this fantastic retail sector suffer further closures. Let’s celebrate our zero waste stores and show them some well-deserved love.


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