Clove Oil: Natural toothache relief?

Natural toothache relief

If you’re familiar with truthpaste, then you may well be familiar with how we came to be the blossoming business that we now are. You can read more about how truthpaste Founder, Marisa, began her journey here. In summary, relieving a toothache was the inspiration behind the unique formula that is so popular today. This isn't something that happened overnight and a great deal of research and experimenting went into creating the blend of ingredients and essential oils to create the perfect taste balanced with those all important antibacterial and anti-inflammatory health benefits to teeth and gums.

If you have ever suffered from toothache then you’ll know the intense pain, and how it can affect every aspect of your day-to-day life. In severe cases it’s hard to function. Since dental appointments are not always so easy to just drop into, the chances are that toothache sufferers are likely to do a bit of their own research into pain relief. If you are one of those people then you have undoubtedly come across, or been recommended Clove oil. 

Why Clove oil for toothache?

Readily available in some form in most pharmacies or health food shops, Clove oil is wonderfully effective at easing toothache. An old wives remedy that is happily backed up by science. The active agent in Clove oil is Eugenol; natures very own anaesthetic. Not only does it numb pain but reduces inflammation and has the added bonus of being tested to combat several types of bacteria. 

What is clove oil

It’s strange to think that something you would find in almost any kitchen cupboard was once worth its weight in gold. Although our ancestors were unlikely to have used words like ‘antioxidants’ and ‘provitamins’, the health benefits of Clove oil were well known to them and used medicinally as far back as the third century.

What are the benefits of clove oil?

The benefits of Clove oil are numerous and can be used to treat everything from athletes foot to respiratory issues. In 2012, a study showed that Clove oil was effective in fighting dental erosion from acidic drinks, (in this case apple juice), thus fighting cavities, whilst in 2006 a study backed up the long-held belief that it is extremely useful in soothing pain

Clove oil in truthpaste

Whilst our ancient ancestors went to war with each other to get hold of this magical medicinal wonder spice, these days we can simply send an email to an ethical supplier. Our Clove oil is responsibly farmed in Madagascar.  Of course, at truthpaste, we also want to be sure that we are using the best quality essential oils with no impact on the surrounding environment. We think it’s important to know what goes into your health and beauty products. See if you can pick out the rich Clove flavour next time you brush your teeth with truthpaste Original Peppermint & Wintergreen or truthpaste Original Fennel  



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