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August 11, 2021

Your beginners how-to guide to going zero-waste

By eddy wilson

One of the things we are proud of at Truthpaste is our zero-waste packaging. We love seeing your ideas for reusing our glass jars. We also love that glass is one of the most easily recyclable materials going so nothing needs to go to landfill. 

More and more shops are springing up offering zero-waste solutions for our homes. Importantly, more customers are actively seeking products that ditch the plastic in favour of reusable and recyclable, plastic-free alternatives. 

Is this enough, though? Well, it’s a good start. The pressure is starting to build on big businesses and conglomerates to start considering their impact on landfills and the climate crisis. 


How to go zero-waste

If you’re just starting on your zero-waste journey, or if you are just looking to up your game, the following tips can help. 


Get Naked!

This one is great beginners! It's easy, just buy your products without the plastic wrapper (ie. Naked!) and get yourself a reusable plastic free bag to lower that carbon footprint even further.


Make a profit!

The focus tends to be on reduce, reuse and recycle. What about reselling? they say that one person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure. Clothes, furniture, unwanted gifts, all of these can potentially end up in landfill. Selling does need a little bit of organisation, but the positives far outweigh the negatives here. Ultimately this can benefit everyone involved, someone gets a bargain for something they love and you get to know that you’re not adding to the vast amounts of waste polluting the planet. 


Don’t make a profit!

OK, you are a busy person. Selling can take a bit of patience and time and you need space in your wardrobe/house/cupboard quickly. Look up local charities or charity shops in your area. Many will provide a pickup service for larger items. Clothes banks are found with most recycling stations for a quick clear out. If you are donating to a charity shop then make sure that you check they are able to accept your donations by talking to an assistant. Unfortunately, items left in bags outside shops after hours can get damaged or the shops are not able to use them. 


Avoid single-use plastics

It’s an obvious place to start but trickier than you might think. Recycling practice can vary between local councils, so it’s a good idea to contact yours and see what they will and won’t recycle as a start. Try keeping a diary of the single-use plastics that you do use. Choose an easy swap, such as a reusable water bottle, coffee cup or getting milk delivered in glass bottles. Keep the list as a reference and make more swaps gradually.



Demand zero-waste

The reality is that not all of the things you love and use are going to be recyclable or reusable. To reduce waste on a larger scale, companies and businesses need to take responsibility for their waste, their packaging, and making the appropriate changes. This is where you, the consumer, can really help. If you really love that moisturiser or shampoo, but the packaging isn’t recyclable, get in touch and let that business know! Find out if your local businesses are operating on a zero-to-landfill basis. Ask the questions and make them accountable. 

We know that we need to make big changes if we’re going to reverse the damage contributing to the climate crisis. Big changes can be daunting so we hope these tips help to break the process down.


Zero-waste to landfill 

It’s important to us, at Truthpaste, to keep waste to a minimum. Our HQ operates on a zero-to-landfill approach and we are always looking for the most sustainable way to produce and distribute our products. It’s our hope that we can be just one small step on your zero-waste journey.


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